Kenway Workshop Consumables.

Suppliers of Workshop Consumables and Essentials
Fasteners, Nuts, Bolts.

A division of Kenway Commercial Vehicle Accessories.


B A Machine Screws

B A Steel Screws and Nuts, Slotted, Sizes 2ba to 6ba, Zinc Plated

A0174 Assorted Steel Machine Screws and Nuts
Quantity 300 Pairs

Metric Brass Machine Screws, Nuts and Washers, Slotted, Sizes 3mm to 5mm

A8104 Assorted Brass Machine Screws,
Quantity 945

Metric Steel Machine Screws and Nuts, Slotted, Sizes 3mm to 5mm, Zinc Plated

A8016 Assorted Steel Machine Screws
Quantity 300 Pairs