Kenway Workshop Consumables.

Suppliers of Workshop Consumables and Essentials
Fasteners, Nuts, Bolts.

A division of Kenway Commercial Vehicle Accessories.


Cleaning Products

White Polishing Cloth

L8928 White Polishing Cloth
Quantity 1 Roll 800 gm

Price £7.58

Cleaning Cloth, Multi Coloured

L0575 Multi Coloured Stockinette
Quantity 1 Roll 800gm

Price £7.13

Chamois Leather, Large Size

L8930 Chamois Leather
Quantity 1

Price £13.42

Synthetic Wash Leather

L8931 Synthetic Wash Leather
Quantity 3

Price £10.60

Nylon Scouring Pad, General Purpose

L8933 Nylon Scouring Pad Green
Quantity 10

Price £8.66

L8934 Nylon Scouring Pad Red
Quantity 10

Price £8.66

L8935 Nylon Scouring Pad Grey
Quantity 10

Price £8.66

Yellow Dusters, Domestic and Industrial Use

L8940 Yellow Dusters
Quantity 10

Price £7.02

Extending Wash Brush, Light Aluminium, Extends to 2 Metres

L0585 Wash Brush With Extended Pole
Quantity 1

Price £12.50