Kenway Workshop Consumables.

Suppliers of Workshop Consumables and Essentials
Fasteners, Nuts, Bolts.

A division of Kenway Commercial Vehicle Accessories.


Sealants and Adhesives

Bars Seal Fluid

K6910 Bars Seal Fluid 135ml
Quantity 12

K1998 Bars Seal Pellets For Tanks up to 20 Litres
Quantity 6

Super Glue

K6913 Super Glue 5gr Bottles
Quantity 5

K1833 Super Glue 20gr Bottles
Quantity 1

Contact Adhesive

K1830 Contact Adhesive
Quantity 1

Double Bubble Epoxy

K6921 Double Bubble Epoxy
Quantity 50 Kits

Nut Lock

K4830 Nut Lock 50gr Bottle
Quantity 1

Sleeve and Bush Retainer

K4832 Sleeve and Bush Retainer 50gr Bottle
Quantity 1


K4834 Studlock 50gr Bottle
Quantity 1

Liquid Pipe Seal

K5140 Liquid Pipe Seal 75gm Bottle
Quantity 1

Liquid Metal Syringe

K1587 Liquid Metal Syringe
Quantity 1

Epoxy Resin Syringe

K1588 Epoxy Resin Syringe
Quantity 1

Steel Stick Putty

K1589 Steel Stick Putty
Quantity 1

Universal Blue Jointing Compound

K0586 Universal Blue Jointing Compound
Quantity 2

Silicone Sealant

K5020 Clear Silicone Sealer 310ml
Quantity 1

K5025 White Silicone Sealer 310ml
Quantity 1

K5195 Black Silicone Sealer 310ml
Quantity 1

Assembly Paste Screw Cartridge

K6919 Assembly Paste Screw Cartridge
Quantity 1

Fire Gum Assembly Paste

K1781 Fire Gum Assembly Paste
Quantity 6