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Tyre and Wheel

Tyre and Wheel

J0841 Tyre Inflator with Gauge
Quantity 1

Price £81.92

J0865 Tyre Inflator with Extended Lead and Gauge
Quantity 1

Price £103.86

J99850 Dial Type Airline Gauge with Euro Style Single Clip on Connector
Quantity 1

Price £95.98

J99854 Whip Hose 0.6mm, Prevents Vibration of air Tool on Coupling 1/4"
Quantity 1

Price £9.94

J0868 Tyre Valve Connector, Twin Hold on Open End "
Quantity 1

Price £17.03

J0866 Tyre Valve Connector, Twin Clip on Open End
Quantity 1

Price £30.08

J99860 Tyre Valve Connector, Single Clip on Open End With Tailpiece For 1/4" Hose
Quantity 1

Price £11.19

J0850 Tyre Pressure Gauge, Pocket Type With Angled Head, Dual
Quantity 1

Price £10.35

J0851 Tyre Pressure Gauge, Universal Service, Dual Calibrated, 0.8 to 11.0 Bar
Quantity 1

Price £45.57

J8570 Foot Pump With Preset Dial Gauge, Dual Calibrated With Airbag, Cycle Valve and Football Adaptor
Quantity 1

Price £24.03

J0888 Tyre Tread Depth Gauge
Quantity 2

Price £8.76

J0886 Tyre Vale Removal Tool
Quantity 2

Price £7.21

J0880 Tyre Valve Cores
Quantity 25

Price £6.57

J0882 Tyre Valve Caps
Quantity 25

Price £7.52

J0884 Tyre Valve Extensions 75mm"
Quantity 2

Price £12.90

J8572 Tyre Valve Extensions 110mm"
Quantity 10

Price £62.68

J8576 Yellow Surface Marker
Quantity 3

Price £8.59