Kenway Workshop Consumables.

Suppliers of Workshop Consumables and Essentials
Fasteners, Nuts, Bolts.

A division of Kenway Commercial Vehicle Accessories.


Face Protection

Welding Goggles

L5255 Gas Welding Goggles
Quantity 1

L4004 Gas Welding Goggles With Flip up Lens
Quantity 1

Welding Helmet

L8672 Welding Helmet
Quantity 1

L8673 Hand Held Welding Mask
Quantity 1

Welding Lens

F5240 Welding Lens Green
Quantity 1

F5245 Welding Lens Clear
Quantity 1

Face Shield

L8662 Face Shield With Clear Visor
Quantity 1

Replacement Lens

L8665 Replacement Green Lens
Quantity 1

L8664 Replacement Clear Lens
Quantity 1

Safety Helmet

L8680 Safety Helmet
Quantity 1

Safety Pack

L8760 Workshop Safety Pack, Safety Goggles, Work Gloves, Respiratory Mask and Disposable Ear Plugs
Quantity 1 Pack

Safety Goggles

L4002 Safety Goggles
Quantity 1 Pair

L8762 Wide Vision Safety Goggles
Quantity 1 Pair

Safety Spectacles

L8764 Safety Spectacles
Quantity 5 Pair

Dust Masks

L8670 Toxic Dust Masks
Quantity 20

L8674 Toxic Dust Masks with Respirator
Quantity 10