Kenway Workshop Consumables.

Suppliers of Workshop Consumables and Essentials
Fasteners, Nuts, Bolts.

A division of Kenway Commercial Vehicle Accessories.


Stop Cables, Control Cables, Breakaway Cables and Locking Wire

J5110 Stop Cables 13 ft. Round Handle
Quantity 2

J70810 Stop Cables 8 ft Round Handle
Quantity 2

J70800 Stop Cables 6 1/2 ft Round Handle
Quantity 2

Stop Cables, "T" Handle, PVC Covered Outer, Bowden Cable Inner

J70840 Stop Cables 13 ft T Handle
Quantity 2

J70830 Stop Cables 8 ft T Handle
Quantity 2

J70820 Stop Cables 6 1/2 ft T Handle
Quantity 5

Control Cable, "T" Handle, Piano Wire Inner 10 ft

J70845 Control Cable
Quantity 2

Breakaway Cables With Ring and Hook Ends, 1 Metre x 3mm

J70841 Breakaway Cables
Quantity 2 sets

PVC Covered Outer Casing with Ends

J2062 PVC Outer Cable
Quantity 15mtr

Bowden Cable

J2060 Bowden Cable 1.57mm od
Quantity 30mtr

J2061 Bowden Cable 1.91mm od
Quantity 30 mtr

Locking Wire, Galvanized Mild Steel, 1/2 kg Coils

J2050 Locking Wire 1.0mm
Quantity 1

J2051 Locking Wire 1.6mm
Quantity 1